The Top Reasons People Drink Coffee

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Why is it that people choose to drink coffee? The top three reasons are not really a surprise. According to the National Coffee Association's (NCA) 2016 National Coffee Drink Trends (NCDT) report, those reasons are when people need to wake up, when they need to warm up and when they need an energy boost.

However, there are more than just these three factors. People can associate coffee consumption with things like a need for a relaxing moment to a need for refreshment. The NCDT report first posed this question to respondents in 2014, and though coffee trends are shifting in terms of what and how people consume coffee, the reasons for consumption have not changed.

Percentage of People Who Often or Sometimes Drink Coffee Based on the Following Reasons:


78%     When I need to wake up

74%     When I need to warm up

66%     When I need an energy boost

60%     When I want a treat

60%     When I need energy that lasts for some time

59%     When I need a relaxing moment

58%     When I need to focus

56%     When I need a break during the day

54%     When I need a moment to myself

43%     When I want something to help pass the time

43%     When I need something refreshing

29%     When I'm thirsty

27%     When I want an antioxidant boost

27%     When I need to cool down

25%     When I want a healthy drink

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