Three Components to the Perfect Cup of Tea

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The perfect cup of tea is where many establishments focus their entire business models. Whether it’s a trendy coffee and tea shop in Greenwich Village or a corporate office in Silicon Valley striving to retain top employees, the ability to brew the perfect cup can mean the difference between success and failure. But what are the real contributors to a perfect cup of tea? Let's go beyond the bag.


It goes without saying that higher quality tea leaves will result in a better-brewed tea. Carefully sourced, sustainably grown tea that is masterfully cultivated, harvested and processed will almost always result in more pronounced flavor profiles, as will organic teas and teas grown without the use of harmful pesticides. Artful blends that use different types of leaves to create unique and balanced flavors also contribute to a more sophisticated cup.


The process of tea infusion goes back thousands of years. Two of the most elemental factors in tea infusion are time and temperature. The longer the tea sits in water, the more pronounced the flavors. At the same time, certain types of tea should be brewed in water that is heated to a specific temperature. Warmer brewing temperatures, for example, are more conducive for dark teas to transfer their more intense flavors. Delicate green teas, meanwhile, reach their full potential at cooler temperatures.

With new technology like the BKON Craft Brewer, a third element of tea infusion has been added. Pressure can play a great role in the brewing process, and when air is removed from a tea's cellular structure, a deep and layered flavor profile will emerge. The means to control the duration, frequency and intensity of that pressure is part of a sophisticated process that took years to perfect.


Okay: We have the perfect green tea sourced from a high-altitude, organic garden in Japan. We have the latest and greatest  piece of equipment that will get maximum flavor out of the leaves. But how long will the customer have to wait?

The reality is, most coffee and tea shops make their customers wait at least five minutes for the average cup of loose-leaf tea when it's properly brewed, and that doesn't even count for periods of high volume in the store. The good news is the right piece of equipment can turn the "how it's brewed" and the "how long it takes" into important competitive advantages at the same time.

Enhance the Brewing Process and Decrease Customer Wait Times with a Single Machine

The BKON Craft Brewer is an ideal piece of equipment for creating the perfect cup of tea. All operators need to do is add the right leaves or tisanes. The infusion process and the length of time the brewing process takes are all optimized by the BKON. And because customers love to watch it work, even the short wait time is enjoyable.

Learn more about the BKON and how it is revolutionizing the tea industry. Read the BKON Guide to the Future of Craft and see how operators can benefit.

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Written by Franke

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