Water Filtration vs. Water Sanitization: What You Need To Know

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Stocksy_txpf8f80ed5OXa100_Medium_1369568.jpgIn a perfect world water that flows through our taps would be perfectly clean and taste delicious, but unfortunately we do not live in that world. H20 that comes from our water lines often has different levels of harmful chemicals, bacteria and minerals  that are better killed or removed than consumed. Let’s take a deeper dive into some common methods of removing unwanted taste and odor from our water so we can get to a better end result - fresh, clean water and ice.

Water Filtration

Water filtration can do a lot for taking out some unwanted particles and chemicals commonly found in tap water including chlorine, fluoride, lead, and even arsenic. A good water carbon filter can protect commerical ice machines from producing foul tasting and smelling ice.  Additionally, some water filters offer scale inhibition media designed to keep ice machines free of mineral buildup. Furthermore, water filters can be effective in removing some bacteria from the water supply. Some bacteria are too small to be stopped by a water filter, which is where a water sanitization device can come in handy.  

Water Sanitization

Water sanitization refers to a process of cleaning out harmful pathogens commonly found in water, water lines, and ice machines. One process includes running ozone through the water line which kills pathogens, and helps keep the water and equipment it comes in contact with cleaner and safer longer. The use of ozone is key because it is a natural and safe alternative to the harmful chemicals that are often used to clean out water lines and ice machines. As an added benefit, the trace amounts of ozone help keep airborne pathogens from growing on the surface of the ice until it is used by the customer, creating lasting protection!

Which Is Better?

We’ve looked at the benefits of both water filtration and water sanitization. How do you choose which is right for you? Well, the answer is both. Water filtration can work wonders on improving your water quality. However, it doesn’t kill harmful pathogens that can cause a lot of damage. Likewise, water sanitization devices struggle to remove dirt and sediment but do a great job killing pathogens. The two devices can work together to create the cleanest and tastiest ice to set the right foundation for your quality beverage program.  Protect your ice machine, prevent foodborne illness and protect your brand.  

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Written by Franke

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