What's In Your Ice?

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EcO3Ice What's in your ice_graphics.jpgAnyone working in the food industry knows the importance of food safety in the kitchen, but just how much attention do we need to be paying to this?

Well, each year a group of 31 known pathogens (known about and tracked by the public health systems) is estimated to cause an astounding 9.4 million cases of illness, 55,961 of which required hospitalization and unfortunately causing 1,351 deaths. 

But there is a lot of less documented pathogens as well. The CDC estimates that a further 38.4 million people each year will be afflicted with illness because of these unspecified food borne pathogens. An estimated 71,878 of these illnesses will necessitate hospitalization resulting in 1,686 deaths. For more details about this study by the CDC click here

Whats more is the places where people are coming in contact with these pathogens might be surprising to you. According to the same study 60% of outbreaks were found in sit-down dining restaurants. Catering also contributed to 14% of the outbreaks, while homes came in at 12%.

These numbers cannot be ignored. One often ignored (often accidentally) aspect of food safety is the ice machine. Even the newest, most high tech ice machines need to be thoroughly and properly cleaned to prevent the pathogens in the air from transferring to your customer’s ice.

Watch this interview with a spokesperson from The National Restaurant Association talking about the importance of food safety, and the often forgotten food, ice. 


If you want more info on how you can protect your customers from food borne illnesses click here for our free PDF guide!

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Written by Franke

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