Why Upgrading Your Office Coffee Keeps Your Employees Engaged (And More Productive!)

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It's safe to say most every office in America has a coffee maker. Think about it, an office without coffee is like a car without gasoline - without it, the whole thing won't run. However, it's time to take the traditional office coffee to the next level, and it's a win-win for you as the employer and your employees!

Coffee consumers are paying more attention to coffee preparation, delivery, and demanding good taste, freshness, and quality roast from their daily coffee. Increasingly, coffee lovers find this high quality in espresso. Espresso-based beverage consumption is on the rise (up 33% from 2016!) with no intentions of turning back.  Now more than ever, people are choosing espresso-based beverages to satisfy their daily coffee craving.

Upgrading traditional office coffee with espresso will certainly grab the attention of your staff. Here are some reasons why offering espresso-based beverages to your employees keeps them more engaged and more productive:

Morale Booster

Every employer wants their employees to enjoy coming to work every day. Making the daily activity of drinking coffee more premium will likely boost the morale around the office. With options to customize their hot or iced espresso beverage employees will look forward to their cup of coffee (or two!) every day. Even more than the daily excitement, employees will see this as a benefit to working for the company. It's a gesture that shows you value the team and will go a long way with current and prospective employees. 

Less time away

Employees are already consuming espresso-based beverages. Over half of 25-39 year olds reported consuming an espresso-based beverage in the past week! When it's not in the office, employees have to leave to purchase this premium cup of coffee. With espresso-based beverages offered in the office, their favorite coffee drink is just steps away from their desk. This means less time away from the office on a daily basis and more productivity! Win-win!


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